MIHTEC is an innovative and modern company, which was founded in 2015 by Michael Hemmingsen

The desire to worker closer with the customer and generate more streamlined decision making, as well as the formation of a dedicated team of employees with high, professional qualifications were decisive for the company’s beginnings.

Michael Hemmingsen started the company at his home, which quickly became too small once the staff expanded after a few months. Today, the business is domiciled in Klejs, Denmark, and as of 2019 also has an office in Odense.

Since its founding in 2015, MIHTEC has provided intelligent solutions and advice to the industrial sector, wind power industry and maritime sector. We work either on a consultancy and project basis from our own locations, or on-site as an integrated part of the process. Moreover, we cooperate with multiple subcontractors who all work to the same high standards as MIHTEC.

We are experts and developers

Our core competences are within CE marking, innovative development, design and construction of machinery and production equipment, and risk assessment. MIHTEC provides qualified expert advice to large and small companies, from machinery manufacturers and production and food enterprises to the energy and maritime sector.

MIHTEC’s provides solution-oriented services and products at a high technical and innovative level, driven by our employees’ motivation and desire to make a difference.

Therefore, our most important resource is our employees, their knowledge and extensive expertise. Typically, we have a craftmanship background, and we work continuously to be better and further develop our skills to ensure that we are always up to date on the latest knowledge in our subject areas.

MIHTEC takes an innovative approach to all products and has an efficient and adaptable project organisation and streamlined decision-making processes. These form the foundation of our ability to provide the best services and guarantee an optimal and efficient project implementation that meets our customers’ needs. We believe this makes us a strong collaboration partner.

We work nationally and internationally with a foundation from our locations in Klejs and Odense, respectively.

Innovation & motivation

MIHTEC’s provides solution-oriented services and products at a high technical and innovative level, driven by our employees’ motivation and desire to make a difference.

MIHTEC – your most trustworthy co-worker

This is how we see ourselves, as we are closely associated with our customers. Most often, we have common projects that build on trust and engagement. When we enter a project, constructive transparency is a natural part of the collaboration, and simultaneously we guarantee our partners that we will treat our partnership with the strictest confidentiality. In other words: we get fully involved and have the business confidence to drive the right results through.

Our success criterium is that our solution should always match the customer’s expectations of a given service or product. We provide the best team – every time. The customers are connected to a team of innovative and experienced employees who are driven by an interest for the subject and to provide optimal solutions that create value and make a difference.

Our fundamental values are the cornerstone of MIHTEC and characterise everything we do and say

Professional pride

We are engaged in what we do and pride ourselves in delivering the best craftmanship and the best service – every time. Our approaches are analytic, innovative, and modern, based on extensive expertise. We work seriously and methodically and transform our knowledge into practical solutions that create value for our customers and increase their profit.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we achieve an in-depth understanding of their situation and needs.

An open and honest culture

At MIHTEC, we do not like formality. This is reflected in our flat organisational structure and the way we do things. We do not keep our cards close to our chest but say things as they are. This applies both internally within our company and in our communication with our customers. We believe that open and honest communication serves both us and our customers best. They should be able to trust that they are getting a proper business partner – which they are.

Job satisfaction, ample space, and good relationships

The most important resource in MIHTEC is our engaging and quality-conscious employees. It is in all our best interests to create an environment where there is space for everyone. Everyone has something constructive to contribute, and we take everyone seriously. There must be room for the individual and all of life’s ups and downs. We support each other and take an interest in each other, which results in a balanced workday.

Job satisfaction is important, and there must be room for development and fun. Job satisfaction creates a natural curiosity, and the combination lays an excellent foundation for a constructive and positive collaboration with our customers.

Our work is built on good relationships, both internally and externally. That is why we invest so much in it. We need to feel that we care about each other, as this not only is important for both our customers and our focus but contributes to the development of optimal solutions.

Responsibility and credibility

We take responsibility for our work and do it well, and we expect our customers and collaboration partners to do the same. We always maintain a close dialogue with the customer, which ensures that we can easily adapt to their specific needs and perform the exact professional work that meets these needs. Quickly and precisely.

We act kindly and competently and provide a positive and service-minded customer service.