Your expert and partner in machinery and process installation safety as well as innovative development of technical equipment!

What can we help you with?

Machinery and equipment

We mastermind, design, and construct specialised machinery and technical equipment.


At MIHTEC, there is nothing we cannot do when it comes to safety in all forms and aspects.


MIHTEC is an innovative and modern company, which was established in 2015.

We get involved in your business

At MIHTEC, we work closely with our customers and are extremely aware of our profession and the responsibility that our customer gives us. We know that the only way to achieve the correct, value-creating solution is through dialogue, as this enables us to gain a deep understanding of the customer’s situation, needs and expectations.

Our flat and flexible organisation lays the best foundation for our employees to take responsibility, put their expertise into action, and share their knowledge across the entire company, which means we always have the right team of employees for the job. Our approach to all projects is characterised by clear and transparent communication, guiding processes and optimal development. This leads to a constructive process and the highest possible profit for our customers.