Machinery and equipment

We mastermind, design, and construct specialised machinery and technical equipment

Automatic machinery and robot installations

Process installations and equipment

Pressure systems

At MIHTEC, we specialise in developing mechanical solutions and technical equipment. We also provide expert advice and intelligent solutions to the industrial sector, wind power industry and the maritime sector.

We work on a consultancy and project basis from our locations in Klejs and Odense or on-site as an integrated part of the process. For special projects, we engage collaboration partners, colleagues, and subcontractors both in Denmark and internationally, who all work to the same high standards as MIHTEC. In this way, we are always able to meet our customers’ needs, no matter what they are.

Technology is constantly and rapidly developing. At MIHTEC, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify our customers’ needs, which we then use to mastermind, design, construct, and implement solutions that are cost effective and easy to use, while prioritising safety above all else.

In our large production halls, we install and test all machinery and equipment before delivery. This enables us to plan and coordinate the delivery and implementation in detail, thereby ensuring that the customer experiences an efficient and safe assembly of their new solution.

Our core competencies include, developing, designing, and constructing machinery and production equipment, innovatively developing special machinery in accordance with standard concepts, concept and product development, process and production optimisation, project management, risk assessment of machines and processes as well as CE marking.