Process installations and equipment

MIHTEC are experts in analysing manual processes and mechanical production lines

We identify and map what is required to optimise and generate a more profitable production. To achieve this, we work in a close dialogue with the customer in order to cover their specific needs and lay the framework for the task.

We have experience with many types of process installations. We are involved every step of the way from the design, planning, assembly, and commission of the process installation. This requires an overview of the entire production chain, as the process installation typically contains sub-installations/sub-productions.

All processes are controlled automatically, and the relevant data is logged electronically for documentation and tracking.

  • Development of the new process installation and new equipment
  • Optimisation of the existing process installation
  • Optimisation of production lines
  • Mechanical constructions
  • Mechanical calculations
  • Electrical constructions
  • PLC and robot programming