ATmosphere EXplosives

At MIHTEC, we have extensive experience with ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosives), which deals with areas where vapours, flammable liquids, fumes, gases, or dust are mixed with air and can result in an explosive atmosphere.

Known areas that are classified as dangerous include petrol, alcohol, and gas factories. In other industries, such as the grain, animal feed, fertiliser, food, and textiles industries, there are also areas that may be classified as having explosive atmospheres. The classified areas are divided into zones.

The ATEX directives are European rules for potentially explosive areas. This includes mechanical and electrical material, safety systems and components, as well as regulations for installations, inspections and reparations that are applicable in these types of explosive areas.

ATEX cannot stand alone. When we work with solutions, we take into account the other requirements (standards and directives) for general machine safety, work with chemical substances, pressure equipment, electric panels, etc.

The requirements can be divided into two main areas:

  • Zone classification – designation of potentially explosive areas
  • Ensuring that machines, material, and safety equipment are explosion proof and comply with the directive’s requirements on protection from explosions and fires

MIHTEC can assist with the following in connection with ATEX:

  • ATEX APV / Explosion protection document
  • Classification plan (zone plan)
  • Explosion risk assessment
  • Regulatory approval
  • ATEX inspection
  • Approval of explosive products
  • Coordination with the notified body