As a rule, machinery that is used in the EU must have a CE marking

There are types of machinery where this requirement does not apply, such as partly completed machinery or old machinery. However, all machinery must be safe to use, no matter the type. All machinery from and including 1995 must have CE marking.

The Machinery Directive deals with the health and safety requirements that apply for all machinery that is to be marketed in the EU. The directive contains the general requirements for the set-up of machinery as well as relevant documentation and labelling.

The Machinery Directive has been adopted to optimise safety and reduce accidents directly connected with the operation of machinery, and to guarantee the same level of safety when trading across borders within the EU.

The directive covers:

  • Machinery
  • Interchangeable equipment
  • Safety components
  • Lifting accessories
  • Chains, ropes, and webbing
  • Removable, mechanical transmission devices
  • Partly completed machinery

Existing machines:

At MIHTEC, we help with risk assessments as well as provide suggestions for necessary changes. This may be in connection with the assembly of new and existing machines in a production line.

We also offer a review of whether already installed machinery fulfils the applicable requirements and highlight the safety solutions that should be established.