Operating systems

At MIHTEC, we have extensive experience with electrical equipment on machines and in ATEX-zones

Operating systems may encompass both standard operations and safety-related operations. We are skilled in assisting with all forms of operation, regardless of whether it is in an advisory or participatory nature.

At MIHTEC, we have experience with verifying safe operating systems as well as producing documentation of this.

Functional Safety or safe operating systems can sometimes be significant to a machine’s safety. Safety, where it is left to an operating system, is divided into different levels in relation to the relevant standard. Solutions may include safety switches on robots or other production equipment, or the detection of presence of employees in an area where there is no fencing.

When we work with safe operating systems, we take into account other relevant tasks in connection with the design of the operating system. Moreover, documentation and functionality tests are a large aspect of this work.

The standards we work with in connection with safety are EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 13849-2, as well as the reference standards that are applicable to this task.

At MIHTEC, we can prepare or advise on the necessary documentation in relation to EN ISO 13849-1. Part of the preparation require risk assessments to be conducted.

Some of the tasks we offer include:

  • Choice of technology based on the risk assessment requirements
  • Preparation of the design specifications for safety features
  • Verification of safety features
  • Validation of safety features
  • Preparation of necessary documentation