Risk assessment

Risk assessment in connection with setting up machinery has the purpose of ensuring that the dangers that may arise for people, pets and the environment are minimised as much as possible

The requirements for an acceptable level of risk are provided in the form of standards, which are used in connection with solution proposals. The risk assessment is conducted through a systematic review that deal with all phases of the machine, ranging from management to scrapping.

At MIHTEC, we use programs such as SafexpertTM, which adhere to the EN ISO 12100 standard.

A risk assessment includes:

  • The machine‚Äôs limits, including its intended use.
  • Review of which dangerous situations can occur.
  • Assessment of the probability of a dangerous situation occurring, as well as the consequences of what the dangerous situations may entail.
  • Solutions for devices as well as potential safety measures to enable the work to be performed safely. Residual risks are reported in the operating instructions.